Who are the ones fit to do Jarh wa Ta’deel? – Part 1

Reference: Audio Tape: Who is Qualified to Apply Jarh and Ta’deel

Question: There are some people that don’t have anything better to do, except to make ‘Tajreeh’ (statements indicating ‘untrustworthiness’ and unreliability) of certain scholars, and to make ‘Ta’deel’ (statements of praise and approval indicating the trustworthiness and reliability) of other scholars, so what do you say to them and what do you advise them with, may Allaah reward you?

Response: That which I say concerning the position of Ahlus-Sunnah past and present is that the people in this affair are of two types:

Firstly: The first type: are the people of knowledge and experience who are well acquainted with the people and their conditions, and they are the ones who are fit to give the Hukm, the ruling upon them, and they are the scholars (‘العلماء المحققون Al ‘Ulemaa Al-Muhaqqiqoon’). So whomsoever they declare to be ‘Adl (trustworthy and reliable) then they are to be considered as trustworthy and reliable and whomsoever they criticize and disapprove of them, they are to be considered as ‘Majrooh’ (untrustworthy and unreliable) because they (the scholars) never criticize and make disparaging remarks except to the one who deserves them, and this could be with regards to his character, or the way he goes about his affairs, or in his dealings with people, or in his ‘Deen’.

And these scholars are (only) able to do this by way of what Allaah the Most High and Exalted, has given them from (الفقه) Fiqh (understanding) and (الخبرة) Khibrah (experience) in the religion.

And they establish and provide the proofs and evidences for the reasons why they have declared an individual to be ‘Majrooh’ when needed.

And they (the scholars) are (العمدة) the Umdah (the ones who are relied upon) in Al-Jarh wat-Ta’deel (the science of critically analyzing people thus declaring some to be trustworthy and reliable and others to be abandoned or disapproved due to their being untrustworthy or unreliable).

لمن الجرح و التعديل

المرجع: الشريط “لمن الجرح والتعديل” للشيخ عبيد الجابري من تسجيلات ابن رجب

السؤال: تقول السائلة : بعض الشباب ليس لهم شغل يعملون به إلا في تجريح الشيخ الفلاني وتعديل الشيخ الفلاني , فماذا تقولون لهم , وبماذا تنصحونهم , جزآكم الله خيراً ؟

الجواب: الذي اخبره من حال أهل السنة قديما وحديثا أنهم في هذا الباب صنفان:ا أولاً: صنف هم أهل العلم والخبرة بالرجال وأحوالهم وهم أهل الحكم عليهم وهؤلاء هم العلماء المحققون فمن عدلوه فهو عدل ومن جرحوه فهو مجروح لأنهم لا يجرحون إلا من يستحق الجرح في أخلاقه , في سلوكه , في معاملاته , في دينه لما آتاهم الله سبحانه وتعالى من الفقه والخبرة وهم عند الحاجة يقيمون الأدلة على جرح المجروح . وهؤلاء هم العمدة في الجرح والتعديل

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