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On Sunday June 1st 2014, our Shaykh, Dr. Khaalid ar-Raddaadee (rahima-hullaah) was asked:

There is a warning against the web site which you supervise; So how do we respond to those who are fooled and deceived by the[se] false refutations against

Our Shaykh (rahima-hullaah) responded:

Allaah is the [only] One from whom assistance is sought.

The web site [] has [been operating for] many years [now], and all Praise is due to Allaah [alone] – a great many people have benefited from it.

And I have personally supervised the site and continue to do so til this very day.

And it is a knowledge-based web site concerned with inviting to [the Path of] Allaah tabaaraka wa ta’aalaa – with the Salafi Da’wah.

Therein are translations of many legal verdicts and statements [of the scholars], and I myself sometimes write some articles for it.

And Allaah has caused it to be of immense benefit [to the people].

However, the chests of some of the people have become tightened (they have become vexed) because of this site.

They are none too pleased – because there are those who want to have a monopoly over the da’wah in the West, and for the people not to know the Sunnah except through them only.

So if the da’wah to the Sunnah comes from other than them, they become enraged with anger, and their eyes turn red [with rage], and their jugular veins swell – and [so] they bark and begin to yell and scream. They then begin [their campaign of] pursuing errors; if they find an error – according to their claim, they grasp on to it and – as they say – make a mountain out of a molehill (make an issue of it)!

And we have [previously] refuted them and written a number of articles in refutation against them.

The web site is well-known, and I supervise it personally, and some of the scholars from Makkah and Madeenah participate with me in this.

It is a good [and beneficial] web site, and Allaah has caused it to be of benefit [to many people], so we advise the brothers [and sisters] to seek benefit from it and not to listen to the likes of these biased [people]; and Allaah is the [only] One from whom assistance is sought. Yes.


The issue [is]…one moment, one moment. The issue is like…explain [to the people] that the issue is like a business to them. Some people do not want anyone to know of a ‘product’ unless if it comes from them, meaning, they deal with the issue as if it is a business. So if the truth comes from [someone] other than them, they are enraged – as we have mentioned earlier. He [such a person] just wants to monopolise [the da’wah for himself]. This is important – warn [the people] about this.

السؤال: هناك تحذير من موقع «مدينة.كوم» الذي تشرفون عليه، فكيف نرد على من اغتر بالردود على «مدينة.كوم»؟

الجواب: الله المستعان.

الموقع له سنوات عديدة، و لله الحمد قد انتفع به خلق كثير.

و قد أشرفت عليه شخصياً و لا زلت إلى اليوم.

و هو موقع علمي يعتني بالدعوة إلى الله تبارك و تعالى بالدعوة السلفية.

فيه ترجمة لكثير من الفتاوى و المقالات، و أكتب أحياناً فيه بعض المقالات.

و قد نفع الله به نفعاً عظيماً.

لكن بعض الناس ضاقت صدورهم بهذا الموقع،

فلم يرق لهم لأن هناك من يريد الدعوة في الغرب أن تكون حكراً عليه، و ألا يعرف الناس السنة إلا من طريقه هو فقط.

فإن جاء الدعوة إلى السنة من غير طريقه غضب غضباً شديداً، فأحمرت عيناه و انتفخت أوداجه و زمجر و أصبح يصيح. ثم يتتبعون إن وجدوا خطأً حسب زعمهم تعلقوا به و جعلوا من الحبة قبة كما يقولون.

و قد رددنا على هؤلاء و كتبنا عدة مقالات في الرد عليه.

و الموقع معروف و أشرف عليه شخصياً و يشاركني فيه بعض العلماء من مكة و المدينة.

و هو موقع طيب قد نفع الله به، فننصح الإخوة بالإستفادة منه و ألا يستمعوا لمثل هؤلاء المغرضين، و الله المستعان. نعم.

القضية…لحظة، لحظة…القضية كأنها…بيّن القضية كأنها مثل التجارة. بعضهم يريد ألا تعرف هذه البضاعة إلا من عنده، أي أخذ الأمر كأنه تجارة. فإن جاء حق من غيره غضب كما قلنا سابقاً. يحتكر هذا. هذا هذا مهم تنبه لهذه.

He is a graduate of the Islaamic University of Madeenah, having graduated from the Institute of Arabic Language, and later the Faculty of Sharee'ah in 2004. He currently resides in Birmingham, UK.

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