The Ideological War


Question: (O noble shaykh), in your opinion, what is the definition of the ‘Ideological War?’

Response: The ‘Ideological War’ is a modern term referring to all the combined efforts that a particular nation uses in order to overpower another nation, or to have such an impact on it that it compels that nation to take on board a particular ideological stance and a specific approach to affairs.

In fact, the ‘Ideological War’ is even more dangerous than the physical combat of armies in military warfare due to its tendency towards secrecy and also due to the fact that its ‘hidden agenda’ generally tends to go unnoticed at the beginning stages. Therefore, the targeted nation does not even detect that it is under attack, neither does it prepare to repel the danger or protect itself, nor does it take a bold stance towards its aggressor. Rather, it merely stands as (helpless) prey to its attacker.

This results in the attacked nation becoming weak and affected due to the contamination of its beliefs, values, views and the very way that its perceives its own affairs; thereby, loving what its enemy wants it to love and, likewise, hating what its enemy wants it to hate.

[Indeed, these strategic effects] are like a ‘chronic disease’ that destroy entire nations, stripping them of their identities through which they derive strength and pride; and (as has already been previously mentioned), the nation that is being tested with this affliction doesn’t even know that it has already been affected! Therefore, both solving the nation’s problems and comprehending them in right way become somewhat difficult and complicated.

This type of warfare occurs through education curriculums, common culture, the media, written literature (both short & lengthy) and also by way of other than that through the means by which nations use to connect and communicate with each other.

Through these (deceptive) means, the enemy secretly desires to‘detach’ the attacked nation from its ‘Aqeedah’ and, instead, hopes that that particular nation becomes connected to whatsoever it, (the enemy), throws at it.

We ask Allah to grant us safety and protection.

الغزو الفكري – 1


المرجع: مجموع فتاوى و مقالات متنوعة: 3/438

السؤال: ما هو تعريف الغزو الفكري في رأيكم؟

الجواب: الغزو الفكري هو مصطلح حديث يعني مجموعة الجهود التي تقوم بها أمة من الأمم للاستيلاء على أمة أخرى أو التأثير عليها حتى تتجه وجهة معينة وهو أخطر من الغزو العسكري، لأن الغزو الفكري ينحو إلى السرية، وسلوك المآرب الخفية في بادئ الأمر، فلا تحس به الأمة المغزوة ولا تستعد لصده والوقوف في وجهه حتى تقع فريسة له وتكون نتيجته أن هذه الأمة تصبح مريضة الفكر والإحساس تحب ما يريده لها عدوها أن تحبه وتكره ما يريد منها أن تكرهه.

وهو داء عضال يفتك بالأمم، ويذهب شخصيتها، ويزيل معاني الأصالة والقوة فيها والأمة التي تبتلى به لا تحس بما أصابها، ولا تدري عنه ولذلك يصبح علاجها أمراً صعباً وإفهامها سبيل الرشد شيئاً عسيراً.

وهذا الغزو يقع بواسطة المناهج الدراسية والثقافية العامة ووسائل الإعلام والمؤلفات الصغيرة والكبيرة وغير ذلك من الشئون التي تتصل بالأمم، ويرجو العدو من ورائها صرفها عن عقيدتها والتعلق بما يلقيه إليها، نسأل الله السلامة والعافية.

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