Tahir Wyatt ‘working with the Nation of Islam’?!

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  • …this is an attempt to clarify my stance to those brothers and sisters who have genuine questions about why I spoke on a radio station that was supposedly “designed to promote Farrakhan”.
  • What is sad is when you see deceitful and malicious attempts to vilify a Muslim’s character and shamelessly attack his honor, especially when it is done in the blessed month of Ramadhan. What is even worse is when it based on inaccurate information and a distortion of facts.
  • Invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom and good instruction, and argue with them in a way that is best.
  • The scholars have always commanded us to fear Allah and refrain from concealing knowledge, and to teach others what Allah has taught us…
  • As Muslims living in non-Muslim lands, it is upon us to take advantage of the platforms available to give Da’wah, even if this means going into churches or other places of worship, especially when we are invited to do so with no strings attached.
  • There are numerous other fataawa that indicate the permissibility and legality of giving Da’wah in churches, temples and other places of worship.
  • So even if I had entered a Nation of Islam temple, or one of their other venues, to teach them about Islam, there is evidence to justify that. But that is not what happened. I was actually sitting in my car when I called into the radio program.
  • If one is allowed to give dawah in churches and synagogues where kufr is preached night and day, then a radio program where some speakers may say things contrary to Islam is permissible a fortiori.
  • To allege that I was “promoting” the Nation of Islam or its leader is unjust and slanderous.
  • Take a minute to think: who is it that wants us NOT to give da’wah? The logical answer: those who do NOT want Islam to spread. What better way to hinder the spread of Islam than making it appear that giving da’wah is blameworthy, and discouraging people from calling to Allah?!

- from Philadelphia, USA. He is a graduate of the Islaamic University of Madeenah, having graduated from the Institute of Arabic Language, the Faculty of Hadeeth, PGDip in Da'wah and Masters in 'Aqeedah; He is currently pursuing his PhD in 'Aqeedah. In addition, he has been appointed by Royal Decree to teach in the Prophet's Masjid in Madeenah.


You are Tahir Wyatt. Should you choose to give dawah on an NOI radio station, at a church or even a brothel (ok maybe not a brothel) but I guess you could. You are armed with the faith and knowledge all of us back then knew was exempted from sort of criticism. I think it’s great that you out of all of us rose to the occasion and answered that call. A weaker caller though can not and probably shouldn’t. Those environments are not easy to handle.

Im glad to see you are doing well. I think of you, your family and your accomplishments and im pleased to have crossed your path. I wonder if I left my mark too. In truth I consider my wayfaring in and out of your life as a brush with greatness.


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