Guidance is Contingent Upon Jihad

Reference: Al-Fawa’id – p97

Allaah said:

{And those who strive for Us, We will surely guide them to Our ways.} [29:69]

[In this ayah] Allaah has made guidance contingent upon striving for Him (jihad). Consequently, the greater guidance a person has, the greater he will strive to do what Allaah commands.

The most obligatory jihad is the jihad against oneself, the jihad against one’s desires, the jihad against the devil, and the jihad against the vanities, temptations trials etc. of this world. Whoever struggles to overcome these four for the sake of Allaah will receive further guidance from Allaah, guidance that will ultimately lead him to paradise. Conversely, a person will lack guidance according to the extent to which he leaves of this striving in the way of Allaah.

Al-Junaid said [explaining the aforementioned ayah], “Those who, seeking the pleasure of Allaah, strive against their desires and repent will be guided to increased sincerity in their statements, actions, and beliefs.”

The significance of this is that one will not be able to successfully fight against his outward enemies unless he can successfully fight against these four internal enemies first. If one can overcome these four things, then he will be the victor. If these four things overcome him, then his enemies have defeated him.

الهداية والجهاد

المرجع: الفوائد – ص97

قال تعالى:

{والذين جاهدوا فينا لنهدينهم سبلنا}

علق سبحانه الهداية بالجهاد فأكمل الناس هداية أعظمهم جهاداً، وأفرض الجهاد جهاد النفس، وجهاد الهوى وجهاد الشيطان، وجهاد الدنيا فمن جاهد هذه الأربعة في الله هداه سبل رضاه الموصلة إلى جنته، ومن ترك الجهاد فاته من الهدى بحسب ما عطل من الجهاد.

قال الجنيد: والذين جاهدوا أهواءهم فينا بالتوبة لنهدينهم سبل الإخلاص، ولا يتمكن من جهاد عدوه في الظاهر إلا من جاهد هذه الأعداء باطناً فمن نُصر عليها نُصر على عدوه ومن نصرت عليه نصر عليه عدوه.

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