Declaring Someone An Innovator – Part 6


Question: O our Shaykh (حفظكم الله), there is a question going around the students of knowledge regarding an individual who has fallen into an innovation. Is it conditional in order to declare him to be an innovator, that the proof be established against him first, or is this not required?

Response: [continued…]

Al Khateeb also mentioned the story about Dawud Al Asbahaanee Ad Dhaahiree, that he used to have a good relationship with Saaleh Ibn Ahmad. So once, he came to Baghdad requesting that Saaleh show some lenience towards him in his seeking permission to enter upon his (Saaleh’s) father, (Ahmad). So Saaleh went to his father and said to him:

“There is a man requesting permission to enter upon you.”

His father said to him:

“What is his name?”

Dawud replied:


So his father questioned:

“Where is he from?”

Saaleh replied:

“He is from the people of Asbahaan.”

So his father said, questioning further:

“What do you make of him?”

So Saaleh gave his father a brief introduction about him. So Abu ‘Abdullah didn’t cease scrutinizing him up until he realized and became well aware, and said:

“Indeed, Muhammad Ibn Yahyaa An Naisaabooree wrote to me informing me about his, (Dawud Al Asbahaanee’s), condition, that he claims that the Quran has been created. So don’t let him in!”

Saaleh responded by saying:

“O my father! He denies and rejects this!”

So Abu ‘Abdullah said:

“Muhammad Ibn Yahyaa is more truthful than him. So don’t give him permission to enter and approach me!” [Taareekh Al-Baghdaad, vol 8/p: 374].

مسألة اشتراط إقامة الحجة في التبديع


السؤال: شيخنا -حفظكم الله- هناك سؤال يدور بين طلاب العلم، وهو: هل يشترط في تبديع من وقع في بدعة أو بدع أن تقام عليه الحجة لكي يبدع أولا يشترط ذلك، أفيدونا جزاكم الله خيراً؟

الجواب: وقدم داود الأصبهاني الظاهري بغداد وكان بينه وبين صالح بن أحمد حَسنٌ، فكلم صالحاً أن يتلطف له في الاستئذان على أبيه، فأتى صالح أباه فقال له: رجل سألني أن يأتيك. قال: ما اسمه؟. قال: داود. قال: من أين؟ قال: من أهل أصبهان، قال: أيّ شيء صنعته؟

قال وكان صالح يروغ عن تعريفه إيَّاه، فما زال أبو عبد الله يفحص عنه حتى فطن فقال: هذا قد كتب إليّ محمد بن يحيى النيسابوري في أمره أنه زعم أن القرآن محدث فلا يقربني. قال: يا أبت ينتفي من هذا وينكره، فقال أبو عبد الله: محمد بن يحيى أصدق منه، لا تأذن له في المصير إليَّ. [تاريخ بغداد]

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