Pointing one’s feet towards the Qiblah

Reference: Fataawa Ash-Shaykh Ibn Humaid p144

Question: Some people say that to place the feet in the direction of the Qiblah whilst sitting in the masjid is something that is not permissible, and it is from bad manners. Does this have any basis? Is it merely a cultural matter or is it an innovated ruling?

Response: There is nothing preventing this; some of the scholars did however mention that it is disliked for one to point his legs towards the Ka’bah if he is close to it. So this is something of a lesser disliking (i.e. it does not reach the level of Haraam).

As for the Masjid that exists in a different place, and therein a Muslim points his legs towards the Qiblah, then there is no problem with this and neither is it forbidden inshaAllah. This is what the scholars have stated.

Allaah knows best. [1]

Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen was also asked regarding pointing ones legs towards the Qiblah during sleep.

He replied: There is no sin upon the one who sleeps and his legs are in the direction of the Qiblah. [2]


[1] Allaamah Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Humaid, born 1329H (1911 AD) in Riyadh, was from the senior scholars of his time. He held various positions such as Head of the Judiciary Council, member of the Permanent Committee of Senior Scholars and others. He died in 1401h, leaving behind notable students such as Shaykh Saalih Al-Fawzaan, Shaykh AbdulAzeez Aal-Ash-Shaykh (the current mufti of Saudi Arabia), Shaykh Saalih Al-Luhaydaan and many others.

[2] Fataawa Ash-Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen (2/976)


حكم وضع الرجلين باتجاه القبلة

المرجع: فتاوى الشيخ ابن حميد ص144

يقول بعض الناس أن وضع القدمين باتجاه القبلة عند الجلوس في المسجد أمر غير مسموح وهو من الآداب السيئة . هل لهذا أي أساس ، أو هل هو أمر ثقافي تقليدي ، أم أنه إضافة مُحدثة؟

سئل الشيخ عبد الله بن حميد رحمه الله عن وضع الرجلين تجاه القبلة فأجاب:

لا مانع منه ، إلا أن بعض العلماء يكره أن يمد رجليه نحو الكعبة ، إذا كان قريباً منها ، فكره ذلك كراهة تنزيهية . أما مثل وجود مسجد في مكان آخر وفيه مسلم يوجه رجليه نحو القبلة ، فهذا لا بأس به ، ولا محظور فيه إن شاء الله ، كما قرره أهل العلم . والله أعلم.

وسئل الشيخ ابن عثيمين عن وضع الرجلين باتجاه القبلة عند النوم فقال: ليس على الإنسان حرج إذا نام ورجلاه في اتجاه القبلة

فتاوى الشيخ ابن عثيمين 2/ 976


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