An authentic Hadith regarding the wealth of the son and father


أَنتَ ومالُكَ لِأَبِيكَ


Verily, you and your wealth are for your father

Narrator(s): Jābir Ibn ‘Abdullah.

Reference: Sunnan Ibn Mājah & Musnad Imām Ahmad.


  • A man came to the Prophet and said, ‘O Messenger of Allāh ﷺ , my father wants to take my wealth.’ The Prophet ﷺ replied, ‘you and your wealth are for your father’.
  • There are 5 conditions which permits a father utilising some of the wealth of his son:
    • He has a need to utilise some of the wealth, and only takes according to his need.
    • There should be no harm upon the son.
    • The wealth should be surplus to the needs of the son. For example, if the son requires his car to to earn a living and going to work, it is not permitted for the father to take it.
    • The father taking the wealth does not prevent the son fulfilling rights of others, such as spending upon his mother, or maintaining his wife and children.
    • The father is not being wasteful with the money, or comitting Ḥarām such as gambling.
    • The father cannot take welath off one son, in order to give it to another son/child, as this is favouritism between children and oppression.
  • This Ḥadīth also shows the immense right of the parents over their children, and that these rights do not cease as soon as a child leaves their parental home or becomes independant.
  • The meaning of this Ḥadīth is that ‘…your wealth [can be utilised] by your father’ and not ‘…[belong] to your father’. [Refer to Nayl al-Awtār by ash-Shawkāni Vol. 6 P. 17]
  • This Ḥadīth does not give the father complete ownership of the son’s wealth, rather it permits his to take some of it for a need. The son must still give its Zakāh, as well as it being his inheritance for others.


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