Advice for an age in which fitnah has increased


Question: [Oh] noble Shaykh, with what do you advise us during this age in which fitan[1] have increased, and the people of innovation have become widespread, and [as we witness] the passing away of the scholars?

Response: The first thing with which I advise you is taqwaa[2] of Allaah Subhaanahu wa Ta’aala, and to increase in supplicating Allaah to make us and you firm [Muslims] upon the religion [of Islaam], and that He safeguards us and you from the evil of the fitan.

Then, we advise you with seeking knowledge; Seeking knowledge from the [recognised] people of knowledge (scholars), and to be conscientious in seeking knowledge. Indeed – with the permission of Allaah – protection from the fitan is not achieved except with sound knowledge.

If however you do not possess [any] sound knowledge, then perhaps you will fall into the fitan whilst being unaware, and you do not know they are fitan. So you must seek knowledge from the [recognised] people of knowledge, and do not be lazy and negligent in seeking knowledge – as much as that is possible for you.

Translator’s note:
[1] Plural of fitnah – trials and tribulations;
[2] To be conscious of Allaah at all times – both in private and in public, and in doing so, fulfilling all the religious obligations and abstaining from all the prohibitions – in total obedience to Allaah alone.

نصيحة في زمن كثرت فيه الفتن

السؤال: بماذا تنصحنا في هذا العصر الذي كثرت فيه الفتن وانتشر أهل البدع وموت العلماء؟

الجواب: أنصحكم أول شيء بتقوى الله سبحانه وتعالى، والإكثار من الدعاء أن يثبتنا الله وإياكم على الدين، وأن يقنا وإياكم شر الفتن.

ثم ننصحكم بطلب العلم، طلب العلم على أهل العلم، والحرص على طلب العلم، فإنه لا يقي من الفتن بإذن الله إلا العلم الصحيح، أما إذا لم يكن عندك علم صحيح فربما تقع في الفتن وأنت لا تدري ولا تعلم أنها فتن، فعليكم بطلب العلم على أهل العلم، ولا تتكاسلوا عن طلب العلم مهما أمكنكم ذلك.

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