The Importance of Verifying Information – 3

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Reference: Explanation of Sunan Abi Dawood, Cassette 512, 18mins 45secs

Question: Is the narration of the trustworthy person accepted without any exceptions and without verification? For example, if one of the scholars said: so and so insulted and reviled the companions; in this case is it obligatory upon me to accept this statement and pass a ruling upon it, or is it necessary to verify?

Response: It is absolutely necessary to verify, even if the one who narrated this statement is from the people of knowledge. [This applies] except if he referenced this statement to his book, and the book is present and therefore it is possible for the people to refer back to this book.

As for mere statements without mentioning any basis to them, especially if the person [being spoken about] is present…

If this person was from the early generations and he is known for innovations, or from the heads of the people of innovation and every person knows about him such as Jahm bin Safwaan… if it is said: he is an innovator, then this statement is correct.

As for what occurs due to an error or a mistake, and the people [being criticised] have great efforts in serving the religion, then you find some people passing judgements upon them due to this mere error. This is a mistake and it is incorrect. [1]


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أهمية تثبت الأخبار – 3


السؤال: هل يقبل خبر الثقة مطلقاً دون تثبت، كأن يقول أحد المشايخ: إن فلاناً سب وطعن في الصحابة، فهل يجب علي أن آخذ بهذا القول وأحكم عليه، أم لا بد من التثبت؟

الجواب: لا بد من التثبت, ولو كان القائل من أهل العلم، إلا إذا عزاه إلى كتاب له، والكتاب موجود وبإمكان الناس أن يرجعوا إليه، أما مجرد كلام من غير أن يذكر له أساساً، لا سيما إذا كان الشخص من الموجودين، أما إذا كان من المتقدمين، وهو معروف بالبدعة، أو من أئمة أهل البدع وكل الناس يعرفه، مثل: الجهم بن صفوان فلو قال: إنه مبتدع فإن كلامه صحيح، أما من يحصل منهم خطأ وزلة، وعندهم جهود عظمية في خدمة الدين، فتجد بعض الناس يقضي عليهم بمجرد هذه الزلة وهذا الخطأ، فهذا غير صحيح.

He is a graduate of the Islaamic University of Madeenah, having graduated from the Institute of Arabic Language, and later the Faculty of Sharee'ah in 2010. He currently resides in Nelson, Lancashire and is the Imam of Masijd Sunnah.

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