Shaykh Fowzaan advises the Muslim Ummah


At this present time (today), the Muslims are suffering from evil attacks from the overpowering enemy [forces] from all sides, from the war in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq, the war in Palestine, [and] the war in Lebanon.

And that which we hear and read from our preachers (khateebs) and writers (journalists), all of it is condemnation of the actions of the enemies. And there is no doubt in [any of] these issues. However, are the disbelieving enemy affected by these raised voices?

The disbelievers, from long ago, have wanted to wipe out Islaam from existence, as Allaah (Ta’aala) says:

{And they will never cease fighting you until they turn you back from your religion (Islaamic Monotheism) if they can}, [Soorah al-Baqarah, Aayah 217].

But the issue is, what have the Muslims prepared in response to them and in preventing their attacks?

Indeed it is obligatory upon them, firstly, to: Look at their current state in terms of their religion and their adherence to it, for indeed that which has afflicted them is as a result of negligence in (practising) their religion. And in a narration [it is said]:

If the one who knows Me is disobedient to Me, I will cause the one who does not know me to overpower him [in authority].

And what happened to the Banee Israa.eel (Israelites) when they left their religion and caused mischief on the Earth, Allaah caused them to be overpowered [in authority] by the disbelieving Magians (fire worshippers) and:

{they entered the very innermost parts of your homes} as Allaah has mentioned at the beginning of Soorah al-Israa [Aayah 005].

And Allaah threatened them, that if they were to return [back] to their ways, then He will punish them. So it is imperative that we assess our current affairs and rectify that which is corrupt from our affairs with regard to the religion, for [certainly] the Sunnah of Allaah does not change.

And Allaah (Ta’aala) says:

{Verily, Allaah will not change the (good) condition of a people as long as they do not change their state (of goodness) themselves (by committing sins and by being ungrateful and disobedient to Allaah). But when Allaah wills a people’s punishment, there can be no turning it back, and they will find besides Him no protector}, [Soorah ar-Ra’d, Aayah 11]

Secondly, it is [incumbent] upon us to prepare ourselves with that which we can confront our enemies with, as Allaah (Ta’aala) says:

{And make ready against them all you can of power, including steeds of war (tanks, planes, missiles, artillery) to threaten thereby the enemy of Allaah and your enemy, and others besides them, whom you may not know, (but) whom Allaah does know}, [Soorah al-Anfaal, Aayah 60].

And that is by putting together (preparing) armies and [acquiring] suitable weapons and [thereby attaining] defensive strength/power.

Thirdly, the unification of the Muslims upon the [firm] belief of Tawheed and ruling in accordance with the Sharee’ah [of Allaah] and [firm] adherence to Islaam in all our affairs from [our] dealings and [good] manners and ruling by the Book of Allaah and commanding the good and forbidding the evil, and calling to [the Path of] Allaah upon [sound] knowledge, insight and sincerity.

Allaah (Ta’aala) says:

{And hold fast, all of you together, to the Rope of Allaah (i.e. this Qur.aan), and be not divided among yourselves}, [Soorah Aal-‘Imraan, Aayah 103] and He (Ta’aala) says:

{and do not dispute (with one another) lest you lose courage and your strength departs, and be patient. Surely, Allaah is with those who are as-Saabiroon (the patient)}, [Soorah Al-Anfaal, Aayah 46]

So it is not possible to unite whilst there are differences in ‘aqeedah and in [our] aims and goals, until the ‘aqeedah is correct and the goals are one [namely] for the victory of the Truth and the raising of the Word of Allaah [above all else]; If only the preachers and advisors in their speeches and advice would concentrate on these issues [just] as they are [concentrating on] criticising the attacking enemy.

The evil aims of the enemy must be explained (exposed), and that the weakening of the Muslims and the grabbing of their wealth and possessions are not [the] only intended [aims], rather, on a major level it is intended to corrupt their ‘aqeedah and [cause] their turning away from their religion until they have destroyed them to pieces. And this is what I wished to warn about with regards to this catastrophe.

الفوزان ينصح الامة


تلم بالمسلمين في الوقت الحاضر أحداث مروعة من تسلط الأعداء عليهم من كل جانب، حرب في أفغانستان، حرب في العراق، حرب في فلسطين، حرب في لبنان. والذي نسمعه ونقرأه من خطبائنا وكتابنا كله صب للوم على الأعداء وتجريم أفعالهم وشكاية منهم.

وهذه الأمور لا شك فيها. ولكن هل يرتدع العدو الكافر بهذه الصيحات؟

الكفار من قديم الزمان يريدون محو الإسلام من الوجود. كما قال تعالى:

{ولايزالون يقاتلونكم حتى يردوكم عن دينكم إن استطاعوا}

ولكن الشأن ماذا أعد المسلمون لمقابلتهم وصد عدوانهم.

إنه يجب عليهم أولا: النظر في واقعهم نحو دينهم وتمسكهم به فإن ما أصابهم إنما هو بسبب تفريطهم في دينهم. وفي الأثر:

{إذا عصاني من يعرفني سلطت عليه من لا يعرفني}

وماذا حصل لبني إسرائيل عندما تخلوا عن دينهم وأفسدوا في الأرض سلط الله عليهم كفار المجوس فجاسوا خلال الديار كما ذكر الله ذلك في أول سورة الإسراء. وتوعدهم الله أنهم إن عادوا لحالتهم أعاد الله عليهم النقمة. فلابد أن نراجع واقعنا ونصلح ما ما فسد من أمرنا نحو ديننا فسنة الله لا تتغير. وقد قال تعالى:

{إن الله لا يغير ما بقوم حتى يغيروا ما بأنفسهم. وإذا أراد الله بقوم سوءا فلا مرد له وما لهم من دونه من مآل}

ثانيا: علينا أن نعد العدة التي نواجه بها عدونا كما قال تعالى:

{وأعدوا لهم ما استطعتم من قوة ومن رباط الخيل ترهبون به عدو الله وعدوكم وآخرين من دونهم لا تعلمونهم الله يعلمهم}

…وذلك بتكوين الجيوش والأسلحة المناسبة والقوة الرادعة.

ثالثا: اجتماع كلمة المسلمين على عقيدة التوحيد وتحكيم الشريعة والالتزام بالإسلام في كل أمورنا من معاملات وأخلاق وتحكيم لكتاب الله وأمر بالمعروف ونهي عن المنكر ودعوة إلى الله بعلم وبصيرة وإخلاص.

قال تعالى:

{واعتصموا بحبل الله جميعا ولا تفرقوا}

و قال تعالى:

{ولا تنازعوا فتفشلوا وتذهب ريحكم واصبروا إن الله مع الصابرين}

…ولا يمكن الاجتماع مع الاختلاف في العقيدة وفي المقاصد والأهداف حتى تكون العقيدة سليمة والأهداف موحدة لنصرة الحق وإعلاء كلمة الله وليت الخطباء والوعاظ يركزون في خطبهم ومواعظهم على هذه المعاني مع التنديد بالعدو والمعتدي وبيان مقاصده الخبيثة وأنه لا يقصد إضعاف المسلمين ونزع ثرواتهم فقط وإنما يقصد بالدرجة الأولى فساد عقيدتهم وصرفهم عن دينهم حتى يتسنى له تقطيع أوصالهم. هذا ما أحببت التنبيه عليه حيال هذه النوازل المروعة.

He is a graduate of the Islaamic University of Madeenah, having graduated from the Institute of Arabic Language, and later the Faculty of Sharee'ah in 2004. He currently resides in Birmingham, UK.

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