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As-salamu alaykum,

If my udhiyah is going to be in a different country, is it okay for them to slaughter my animal after their eid khutbah even though the eid khutbah in my country has not occurred yet? In shaa Allah, my question makes sense and you can clarify. JazakumAllahu khair

Walaykum salaam,

The Udhhiyyah is slaughtered on the day of Eid or the three days of Tashreeq after it, in the country in which the Udhhiyyah is being slaughtered not the country in which the owner of the Udhhiyyah resides.

Wa billahi at-Tawfeeq

Assalamu alaikum,

A new revert sister wanted to sacrifice but then found she’s financially unable saying, “I clipped my nails but keep my intention.”

I mentioned if there is reason to clip nails like broken or torn etc she could, but she clipped all the nails and toes saying they were jaggered.She then said she clipped for “a non Islamic reason” which comes 2 my question. Is this possible? To have a non-islamic reason”?

Walaykum salaam wa rahmatullahi,

It is unclear what is meant by “unislamic reasons”. The scholars differed with regards to a person offering Udhhiyyah cutting hair or clipping nails – some of them considering it to be Haram (forbidden) whilst others considered it Makruh (disliked).

Based on the last view of it being disliked, a person can cut hair or nails, especially if there is a need or necessity. Perhaps because she is a new Muslim she can be excused, however it is important to advise each other about submission to Allah and following the rulings of Islam to the best of our ability.

Wallaahu a’lam wa billahi at-Tawfiq

Assalamu alaikum,

Udḥiyah (Qurbani) meat should be distributed amongst 3 groups of people:

1. The person who slaughtered or paid for the slaughtering of the Udḥiyah, and his family.
2. Poor and needy people, regardless of whether relatives or not.
3. Friends, family and neighbours, a portion can be given to them as a gift, even if they are not in need of it.

Based on the above, a portion of the meat can be gifted between people, even if some of them have offered Udḥiyah.

Wa billahi at-Tawfiq

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