Differentiating between Jarh wa Ta’deel & ar-Radd ‘alal-Mukhaalif

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(After clarifying this issue in great detail, Shaykh Rabee’ concluded by saying):

“…So pay attention to what Ibn Hajar has just mentioned. Never did there arise a suitable circumstance except that he mentioned Ahlul Bid‘ah from amongst the ‘Majrooheen’, (those who have been given the Jarh). And he, (Ibn Hajar), has been preceded to that by the Imaams of Jarh Wat Ta’deel, whereby all of the ‘Ulemaa of this Ummah have supported, aided, and followed them in it.

So, in these clarifications, clear proofs, and evidences that we have provided, it thereby becomes obvious to the reader that the Qur‘aan and the Sunnah warned against everything that was considered as a harm to Islaam and the Muslims in relation to their Deen and even in the matters relating to their Dunyaa.

Likewise, the Sahaabah, the Taabi‘oon, the Imaams of Guidance, and the Imaams of Hadeeth too warned against that which was perceived as a harm to them, (the Muslims), both in relation to their Deen and Dunyaa affairs. This was the case regardless of whether the harm that was perceived was in relation to the narrators of Hadeeth who were free from Bid‘ah, or actually Ahlul Bid‘ah themselves, or the Dajjaaleen and the Kadhaabeen, (established liars, especially with regards to Ahaadeeth of the Messenger of Allaah (sal Allaahu alayhi wa sallam), all of that, (i.e.: the warning against them), enters into the crux of the Manhaj of the Imaams of Jarh Wat Ta’deel

So in acknowledging this, the saying of the ‘People of Ignorance and Desires’ is rejected, that:

“Ahlul Bid‘ah do not enter into the Qawaa‘id, (rules, regulations, and principles), used by Ahlul Hadeeth and are not considered Majrooh by them, and that likewise other than Ahlul bid‘ah are not to be considered to be from amongst those whom they warn against.”

I do not know anything more ignorant, nor anything that serves more as a lie upon Ahlul Hadeeth, the rules and principles (in which they use), and their Manhaj! I do not know anything that surpasses this ignorance and this lie!”

“…So should we take the statements of the Messenger of Allaah (sal allaahu alayhi wa sallam), the Imaams of Hadeeth and the Imaams of Sunnah?

Or should we take the statements of the ‘Juhhaal’, (ignorant ones), who are ‘Majhooleen’, (anonymous individuals), and ‘Mashbooheen’ (dubious and distrustful); those who follow the vague and ambiguous statements of some of the recent ‘Ulemaa of which this ‘Baatil Affiliation’ would not please them and would be rejected by them! Especially if it is established that they (the Juhaal) use the vague and ambiguous statements [of the recent ‘Ulemaa’], or their (clear) statements which do not contain any doubtful matters at all, to contradict the speech of the Messenger (sal Allaahu alayhi wa sallam), and the Imaams of the Salaf As Saalih, those who serve as the central focal point in the science of Al Jarh Wat Ta’deel.

So will these ‘bankrupt, ignorant, fools’ from the premature stages of knowledge realize [the truth]? Or will they traverse upon the path of the Ghulaat, (the extremists), of Ahlul Bid‘ah waddling persistently in their Baatil? We shall wait to see which of the two paths they will take!

And may Allaah send abundant peace and blessings upon Muhammad, his Family, and his Companions.

الفرق بين الجرح و التعديل و الرد علي المخالف

المرجع: www.rabee.net

فانظر إلى ابن حجر لا تأتي مناسبة إلا ويذكر فيها أهل البدع في المجروحين وقد سبقه إلى ذلك أئمة الجرح والتعديل وأيدهم وتابعهم في ذلك كل علماء الأمة، وبهذه البيانات والإيضاحات التي سردناها يتبين للقارئ أن القرآن والسنة قد حذَّرا من كل ما يضر بالإسلام والمسلمين في دينهم بل ودنياهم وكذلك الصحابة والتابعون وأئمة الهدى وأئمة الحديث قد حذَّروا المسلمين من كل ما يضرهم في دينهم سواء من الرواة السالمين من البدع أو أهل البدع أو من الدجالين والكذَّابين،

وكل ذلك يدخل في صميم منهج أئمة الجرح والتعديل. وبكل هذا وذاك يسقط قول أهل الجهل والهوى: إن أهل البدع لا يدخلون في قواعد أهل الحديث ولا يدخلون في جرحهم وأن غير أهل البدع لا يدخلون في تحذيرهم . ولا أعرف جهلاً وكذباً على أهل الحديث وأصولهم ومنهجهم يفوق هذا الجهل والكذب.

فهل نأخذ بأقوال الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم وأئمة الحديث والسنة أو نأخذ بأقوال أناس جهال مجهولين مشبوهين يتتبعون المتشابه من كلام بعض العلماء المعاصرين الذين لا يرضون هذا التعلق الباطل ويرفضونه لا سيما وهم يعارضون بأقوالهم المتشابهة أو التي لا شبهة فيها أصلاً كلام الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم وأئمة السلف الصالح الذين عليهم مدار الجرح والتعديل .

وهل سيعترف هؤلاء الجهلة المفلسين من بدهيات العلم أو سيسلكون مسلك غلاة أهل البدع في التمادي في أباطيلهم، نحن ننتظر أي الطريقين سيسلكون. وصلى الله على نبينا محمد وعلى آله وأصحابه وسلم تسليماً كثيراً

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