Tafseer of the 30th Juzz

A series of lessons in studying the 30th Juzz of the Qur’ān, beginning with Surah an-Naba to Surah an-Naas.


Lesson 5 : Tafseer Soorah al-Takwir

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Lesson 1 (Introduction): This lesson contains the three main themes and messages of the Qur’an; proofs for the validity of the Qur’an; the great reward for reciting and memorising the Qur’an; Allah preserves and protects the Qur’an through the Huffadh; and the command to contemplate, learn and implement the Qur’an.

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Lesson 2 : Tafseer Soorah an-Naba

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Lesson 3 : Tafseer Soorah an-Nazi’at

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Lesson 4 : Tafseer Soorah ‘Abasa

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