Important lessons for every Muslim [30 Lessons]

A series of lessons in explaining “Ad-Duroos Al-Muhimma Li ‘Aamatal Ummah” (Important lessons for the general Ummah) by Shaykh Ibn Baaz (rahimahullah).

This series will cover:
– Tafseer of the shorter Soorahs from 30th Juzz
– Fiqh of purification
– Fiqh of Funerals
– Core beliefs of Aqeedah
– Understanding Tawheed
– Imaan and its branches
– Supplications & Adhkaar
– Islamic manners and morals

This post will be regularly updated until the lessons are completed.

Lesson 1: Introduction covering the types of obligatory knowledge, the responsibility of Da’wah, the introduction of the author, meaning and virtue of Taqwa and an overview of the book. Download Lesson 1

Lesson 2: Importance, virtue and Tafseer of Soorah Al-Faatihah. Download Lesson 2

Lesson 3: The correct way of teaching and memorising Qur’an through Talqeen; the objective of memorising the Qur’an; Tafseer of Soorah Az-Zalzalah; Tafseer of Soorah Al-Aadiyaat. Download Lesson 3

Lesson 4: Tafseer of Soorah Al-Qaaria, Tafseer of Soorah At-Takaathur, different levels of Yaqeen and the notion of poverty and wealth in Islam. Download Lesson 4

Lesson 5: Tafseer of Soorah Al-Asr, the importance of time, why people of Imaan are afflicted with difficulties in this world, the wisdom of Allaah in all His decree, even in Iblees, Kufr and sins. Download Lesson 5

Lesson 6: Tafseer of Soorah Al-Humaza, Soorah Al-Feel and Soorah Al-Quraysh. Download Lesson 6

Lesson 7: Tafseer of Soorah Al-Maaoon, Soorah Al-Kawthar and Soorah Al-Kaafiroon. Download Lesson 5

Lesson 8: Tafseer of Soorah An-Nasr, Soorah Al-Lahab, Soorah Al-Ikhlaas, Soorah Al-Falaq & Soorah An-Naas. Download Lesson 8

Lesson 9: The beginning of the second lesson mentioned by the author: The five pillars of Islaam. This lesson is an explanation of the Shahaadatayn – their meanings, pillars and prerequisites. Download Lesson 9

Lesson 10: A continuation of the second lesson mentioned by the author: The five pillars of Islaam. This lesson is an explanation of the 8 conditions of “Laa Ilaaha illa Allaah” as well as the conditions of “Muhammad Rasoolullah” Download Lesson 10

Lesson 11: A summary of the rulings of Salaah: Definition of Salaah, the number of Raka’aat in the Fardh Salaah and different types of Nawaafil Salaah. Download Lesson 11

Lesson 12: A summary of the rulings of Zakaah including Q&A. Lesson includes: Definition of Zakaah, who is obliged to pay, how much, from which types of wealth and to whom it can be given. Other issues discussed include: Zakaah on stocks and shares, debts and loans, assets and investments, Zakaat Al-Fitr and the ruling of giving charity to non-Muslims. Download Lesson 12

Lesson 13: A summary of rulings regarding Sawm and a revision of the other pillars of Islaam. Download Lesson 13

Lesson 14: Definition of Imaan; Explanation of Imaan in Allah, His angels, Books and Messengers. Download Lesson 14

Lesson 15: Imaan in the Final Day, and in Al-Qadr (Decree). Download Lesson 15

Lesson 16: An explanation of Tawheed and Shirk. Download Lesson 16

Lesson 17: An explanation of Ihsaan and its different types. Download Lesson 17

Lesson 18: An explanation of the Shuroot (conditions) of Salaah. Download Lesson 18

Lesson 19: The explanation of the Arkaan (pillars) of Salaah. Download Lesson 19

Lesson 20: An explanation of the Waajibaat (Obligations) of Salaah and their rulings; as well as rulings relating to Sujood As-Sahw Download Lesson 20

Lesson 21: An explanation of the Tashahhud, As-Salaah Al-Ibraaheemiyyah, what Duaas can be made before Tasleem and a mention of some recommended actions (Sunnan) of Salaah. Download Lesson 21

Lesson 22: An explanation of matters which invalidate (Nawaaqidh) Salaah, matters which are disliked (Makroohaat) during Salaah and matters which are permitted (Mubaahaat) during Salaah. Download Lesson 22

Lesson 23: An explanation of the Shuroot (Conditions) of Wudhoo and Waajibaat (Obligations). Download Lesson 23

Lesson 24: An explanation of the matters which invalidate Wudhoo (Nawaaqidh). Download Lesson 24

Lesson 25: Adorning one’s self with Islamic manners Download Lesson 25

Lesson 26: Good Islamic practices and customs Download Lesson 26

Lesson 27: A revision session of the last lessons(s) Download Lesson 27

Lesson 28: An explanation of the different types of sins such as: Kufr & Shirk; Major Sins; Minor sins; Bid’ah etc.. Download Lesson 28

Lesson 29: An explanation of the Funeral procession; Includes rulings pertaining to what a person should on the deathbed, what happens immediately after death, the fiqh of washing and shrouding the deceased, how to pray Janaazah and the burial procedure. Download Lesson 29

Lesson 30: Last lesson: Rulings regarding Ta’ziyyah (Condolences), Ihdaad (mourning) and Ziyaarah (Visiting the graves. Download Lesson 30

He is a graduate of the Islaamic University of Madeenah, having graduated from the Institute of Arabic Language, and later the Faculty of Sharee'ah in 2010. He currently resides in Nelson, Lancashire and is the Imam of Masijd Sunnah.

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