Fiqh of Funerals [19 Lessons]

A series of lessons covering all aspects of Funerals from the arrival of death to the burial of the deceased. These lessons are based on the Arabic book: Ahkaam al-Janaaiz by Shaykh Albaani.

English resource: Funerals: Regulations & Exhortations by Dr Muhammad al-Jibaly

Lesson 1: The reality of death is explained as well as how a person should prepare for his or her Resurrection.
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Lesson 2: The final illness of a person is discussed and what one should do when realising that death is approaching.
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Lesson 3: The actions a person should do immediately after a relative passes away.
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Lesson 4: Family reactions to a death; what is obligatory, permitted and impermissible?
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Lesson 5: Hidaad (observing periods of mourning).
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Lesson 7: Instances when it is permitted to announce a death and when it is impermissible.
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Lesson 8: Rules pertaining to offering condolences (Ta’ziyyah)
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Lesson 9: Indicators and signs by which we hope a person had a good death.
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Lesson 10: Indicators and signs by which it is feared a person had a good death.
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Lesson 11: The method of washing the body (to be added)

Lesson 12: Rulings pertaining to shrouding the body of the deceased.
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Lesson 13:Carrying the body of the deceased and following the funeral procession.
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Lesson 14: Important introductions to the Janaazah Prayer
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Lesson 15: Rules pertaining to Salaat Al-Janaazah
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Lesson 16: How to pray the Janaazah Prayer
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Lesson 17: Rules pertaining to the burial of the deceased
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Lesson 18: What to do after the burial
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Lesson 19: Rules of visiting the graveyardDownload Lesson 19

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